'Embryonic origins of the diaphragm and its continuum with the visceral space.'

A beautifully presented lecture with hand-drawn illustrations, and accessible explanations. 

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What does the embryo tell us about breath?

In this lecture, Ana will talk you through concepts such as:

  • The unfolding of connective tissue and the fascia system, from the mesoderm in the third week of your embryonic development.  

  • The emergence of the diaphragm, its relationship to the heart and how this is relevant to exploring and understanding breath.

  • The relationship of the body cavities through breath and the importance of the visceral space.

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British Fascia Symposium

This lecture was recorded in May 2020 at the British Fascia Symposium. 

The British Fascia Symposium is a biennial international conference bringing together the latest research in fascia from leading speakers.
It focuses on the interests and needs of therapists and movement teachers and is primarily a practice-led conference. 

Very professional, beautiful images and explanations. Ana is a fabulous presenter.

Jeannie, Pilates Teacher, UK


I listened to Ana at the BFS and was so intrigued about looking at breath (and fascia) from the perspective of embryology. So much new exciting information!

Birthe, Movement Educator, Denmark

Listening to Ana is actually a pleasure. She has a gift for passing on what she knows... thank you.

Darren, Online

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