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Self-release & movement

Moving Fascia® 

Support your health and wellbeing using soft self-release tools such as a roller or massage balls.

Pilates (3 different levels)


3 different levels of Pilates inspired movement evolved to offer you support, stability and core integration.

Fascia focused Yoga 


A series of grounding sequences using exploring alignment and playing with the relationship to gravity on the chair.

Treasure your wellbeing

Grow an 'at home' practice with self-release techniques, Pilates, yoga and Moving Fascia classes.

'Loved it, just what my spine and mind needed.'


'I feel profoundly relaxed and opened out, so good after these strange lockdown days which bring with them all kinds of new locks and shutdown places in the body.'


'Thanks Ana for a very grounding, calm and heart felt online class ❤️ 
I did it this morning and it was the best way to start the day.'


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21 days of Breath & Meditation

Join Ana from the 1st of December to prepare for the light that follows the Winter Solstice. 
Find stillness each morning for 15-20min.

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What is Moving Fascia?

Moving Fascia is a movement method created by Ana Barretxeguren, movement specialist, Pilates teacher and myofascial release practitioner.

Through self-release and movement techniques, the Moving Fascia method softens unnecessary tension restoring mobility and elasticity  and improving strength through whole body integration. 


The story of Moving Fascia 

Ana Barretxeguren created Moving Fascia through her extensive experience as a movement educator and her clinic practice as a Myofascial Release and Visceral manipulation practitioner. 
Her commitment to help people recover from injury through healthy movement led Ana to develop a method that is based on the latest scientific research on connective tissue, and the way fascia impacts our movement. Ana holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Anatomical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh and has extensive human dissection research in the dissection lab.

Moving Fascia® has developed into a full diploma for movement professionals and bodyworkers who are looking to integrate the role of fascia in their teaching of movement. The Moving Fascia Channel is our offer for all levels and abilities and our commitment to keep you moving through intelligent fascia focused movement and self-release from home. 

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Moving Fascia Channel
regular collaborators 

Ana Barretxeguren

Ana is a movement educator, Pilates teacher myofascial release practitioner and the creator of Moving Fascia® Her practice explores the fluid and transformative quality of breath and movement.

Ulala Yamamoto Pilates

Ulala Yamamoto

Ulala brings a wealth of movement experience through her career as a contemporary dancer and is passionate about sharing this through her Moving Fascia-influenced Pilates classes.

Yasue Hodge yoga

Yasue Hodge

Yasue’s yoga practice lies between Hatha and Iyengar yoga and her own style of Moving Fascia® led yoga. Her classes create an opportunity for you to experience profound physical and spiritual change.

Kay Cowling

Kay’s Pilates classes focus on precision of alignment, understanding the need for balance within the body to create a flow of movement without pain or unnecessary tension.

Lenka Sobotkova

Lenka’s Pilates classes are based on her study of Moving Fascia® and the latest movement research, helping you discover your inner strength, enhance integration and support healthy movement in everyday life.







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Themed Programmes

Alongside your extensive library of Pilates, yoga and Moving Fascia® classes you will find themed programmes guiding you to evolve your movement. 


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Extensive class library 
1 NEW video a week
Pilates, yoga + Moving Fascia® 
Different levels
Fascia focused movement
Anytime, anywhere
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